Hiiiiii my name is Danielle and I'm a 22 year old from New Zealand.


So every morning I get off the train and start my 20 minute walk to work, and there’s this guy who’s always like 3 steps ahead of me and always beats me to the street corner bc I get stopped by the light and he passes it. but today I was ahead of him for the first time and he RUNS in front of me, turns around and goes “I’ve been winning for 2 months now, can’t stop now, have a good day, see you tomorrow.”  tmrw I swear i’m wearing running shoes to work. 

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My parents are lucky I was too lazy to go through a rebellious phase

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congrats, mama


honestly mr brightside can be in any playlist. make out playlist? mr brightside. getting over someone? mr brightside. funeral? you bet your sweet ass mr brightside will be on it

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why couldn’t i be born with an older brother who is my best friend and has hot friends that flirt with me and drives me places like mcdonalds when im sad and punches rude boys in the face for me.

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So I was in line for the shuttle and there was this little girl who had this great cosplay of Zelda. And her mom started telling me how this good looking guy came up and asked to have a picture with her. While they were taking a picture, they heard these girls screaming and the girl asked what that was about and the guy said he had no idea and thanked her and walked very quickly away.
That guy was Tyler Posey.

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Luke really did have it all planned out.

but wait calum

Interviewer: If you are in the mood and you don’t have a boyfriend, what do you do?Adele: Uhm, I just go to sleep.Interviewer: But you have to do it!Adele: No, you don’t have to do it.Interviewer: But it’s good for you!Adele: It’s good for you but you don’t have to do it … I don’t really want to talk about masturbating on TV when there’s cameras.Interviewer: I was not talking about masturbating, I was talking about singing!Adele: Oh my god.



don’t date anyone who doesn’t want to hear your favorite song, watch your favorite movie, read your favorite book

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presenting in class like


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when u say ur band has no secrets but yo dumbass bandmate shouts “i have a secret”


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