Hiiiiii my name is Danielle and I'm a 22 year old from New Zealand.


today i was in hot topic with my mom and there was a bra with Simba on it so I asked her “want a lion king bra?” she said “why would i?” so I put it in front of my chest and said “hakuna ma tatas” she had to leave the store she was laughing so hard.

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Artist: UnknownOne Direction
Title: UnknownFireproof (Liam/Zayn)
Album: UnknownFour
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i wanna hug someone and roll around w them in my bed and bury my face in their chest and smell them and jus feel their arms around me

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yes but would anybody like to explain tHIS


because i cANNOT

He wiggled the butt.

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Name one thing about new Zealand that isn’t lorde, lord of the rings or sheep

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i just heard a bouncing noise and then that was followed by my dad saying

"oh no my potato"

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Zoella’s hair 


A list of things that liking One Direction does not do:

  1. Invalidate my intelligence
  2. Invalidate my love for other genres of music
  3. Invalidate my ability to think critically
  4. Invalid my opinions or my knowledge of facts
  5. Make anyone who doesn’t like One Direction better or smarter than me in any way

So shut the fuck up about how liking this band makes someone’s opinions or knowledge of facts invalid.

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